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Finding a good quality web hosting service

web hosting

If you want to build a website, you will require the service of a web host provider. Only when you put your website on a web host, it will go live and be available on the internet for people to browse. 

Web hosting providers are companies that provide web servers to make your website available on the internet. 

Typically, a web hosting company will have a fast connection to the internet and are housed in a physical building called a data center. 

A web hosting provider hosts thousands of websites across may web servers. They rent our space for storing your website and making it available to the worldwide web. 

There are many well-managed web hosting companies that can free you from learning server technology and technical maintenance. That’s one of their main purposes. 

Today, you don’t need to be technically sound to manage a server for hosting your website on the internet. The hosting company takes care of managing the server. 

Before you decide which web hosting company you should be signing up for, you should consider some features so that you can choose the right one. 

The features that web hosting providers are offering on the internet are getting standard today. Here we will discuss the basic features that a hosting company must-have.


Web builder: Top quality web hosting companies offer powerful web building software which is called web builders. They allow you to create websites without knowing about FTP, HTML, and other technologies. 

Ecommerce enabled: If you want to sell products on your website you need to have a merchant account. For instance, you need to have a shopping cart and an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) enabled. 

Marketing package: Most quality web hosting companies include free credits for advertising and also search engine submission software. Some have a partnership with marketing agencies to offer you more stuff. 

Popularity: The most popular web hosting company doesn’t need to be the right one for your web hosting needs. It is the services that matter the most. 

Reliability, speed, and uptime guaranteed are other factors that you should consider before you decide on a web hosting company. 

In terms of reliability, we are looking at what happens when any of the internet connections get interrupted. The web hosting company should have an alternate internet connection to take over. 

Other features that you should consider while looking for a web hosting company include domain name registration, storage, bandwidth, control panel, dedicated and shared IP, email, support. 

A Control panel is one of the essential elements in hosting a website on a server. It is the gateway to interact with the server to accomplish the tasks required to maintain a website on the world wide web. 

Popular control panel e.g. Cpanel and Plesk are offered by most web hosting companies. These are industry-leading control panels that come with a price. 

You may also find some web hosting companies that have the control panels that they have specially developed for interacting with the server. 

If you are not serious about brand names and want to just use good software, then there is no point sticking to the popular choices of Cpanel. 

Customer support is the backbone of any business. In web hosting, your customer support professionals should be well informed and technically savvy to solve your problems.

To find out more about their reaction time and knowledge, you can just reach out to them before you sign up with a web hosting company. 

This way you will have first-hand knowledge of the type of customer support provided by the web hosting company. 

A domain name is a unique name for your website on the world wide web. Without a domain name, you have no control over your website. 

The first step to creating a website is to register a domain name. If your web hosting provider does not provide a domain name registration option then you shouldn’t sign up with them.

Some web hosting company offers free domain name registration however, you should not be only looking for free stuff. You should instead consider the ownership of the domain name since it is the brand name of your business. 


Yes, it takes work to research your options for choosing a web hosting provider. Most reviews offered on the internet are biased and they are writing for the popular web hosting providers who provide a commission if someone brings a customer. 

So how do you decide which web hosting provider you want? To achieve customer satisfaction, you should be able to try out the services first. 

To help you with your choice of the best web hosting company DIGIONI Hosting offers a free 30-day trial of its shared hosting plans. 

You can get on-board and without hesitation try the services for 30-days. Once you are satisfied, you can upgrade or continue with your plan. 

There are also no questions asked money-back guaranteed. 

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