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How to generate more leads for your business?

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A lead can be any person who has expressed his/her desire in your product or services. Today, a lead can come through multiple sources such as your website, word of mouth, or phone call. 

Digital marketing solutions that direct traffic to your business website account for an astounding 93% of leads. 

Lead generation is a start to the process which ultimately results in a possible customer. As such it is of utmost importance that business pays attention to lead generation.

Traditionally, the way to generate leads was to call people on the phone and create their interest in your product or service. 


Today, it is the other way around, people searching for product or service to solve their problem end up on your website and express interest. 

As such it has become extremely important to have a lead generation system in place on your website like providing chat support. 

DIGIONI provides agents who can capture leads via online chat on your website at attractive prices. The value you get from these leads is immense. 

Other important tactics for lead generation include:

Content marketing: “Content is King”, this was the topic of the essay which was written by Bill Gates and was published on Microsoft website. Content marketing attracts and provides knowledge to the target audience about your business. 

Social media marketing: Today, having a social media presence is essential to engage with your target audience. It allows you to reach people where they flock on the internet. 

Chat support: It is a fact that having chat support on your website can increase your lead generation results manifold. However, not many businesses implement this tactic. 

Contact DIGIONI for more information on how to generate leads for your business by implementing chat support on your website. Get a free trial.

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