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Marketing strategies to make money online

make money online

Building an email list is one of the best marketing strategies to make money online. This strategy can continue to make you income in the long term. 

All you need to make money online using list building technique is an autoresponder software to deliver the email messages. Don’t get cheap in selecting an autoresponder because your entire business will hinge on this piece of software.

An effective way to build your list is to get traffic to your opt-in page. This step requires you to at least have a web page to collect your subscriber’s email address. 

It is not hard to create an opt-in page by yourself. Also, there are plenty of free templates you can get from the internet. There is also some service that sells professional opt-in designs. 


The title of your opt-in form should offer a solution to the problem your visitor is having. If you do that then you will get subscribers quite easily. 

The next marketing strategy to make money online is to drive traffic to your website. Any traffic to your website does not count as revenue-generating traffic. What you need is targeted traffic that is interested in your offers. 

Google AdWords and other PPC advertising can bring you targeted traffic. The secret to PPC advertising is not to bid on high-cost popular keywords. Instead, try to find similar keywords that are used much less frequently. 

Blogging is another way to bring targeted traffic to your website. You must write original good quality articles on your blog and update it often. It takes time for Google to rank a new blog. So, patience and persistence are required in this method. 

You could also write articles and post on article directories. These articles will be distributed on other sites as well and it spreads across the internet. 

Blogging also allows you to make money with other methods. E.g. you can set up AdSense Ads and earn money from Google. You can sell private Ads, make it a membership site, etc. 

Using social media is another way to get traffic to your website. The number of global social media users is in billions. Your target audience is already on one or the other social media platform. 

You can run Ads on a social media platform and target your audience to bring traffic to your website or get the conversion. Even if you don’t run ads, you can participate in social media for your brand awareness. 

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