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Why Chat Support is the best marketing tool for your business right now

Chat support

Chat Support is currently the most underrated and underutilized form of marketing tool. If we look into the number of online business and services websites, that are currently available on the internet, the numbers of websites that offer chat assistance are very low. But as the world drifts more and more into the digital dimension, it is only but certain that Chat assistance is going to be a major marketing and sales tool across all services and that too within a very short period. 

The exponential growth of internet usage across the globe has made Online businesses super competitive. Every business wants to make their online presence better by providing the best services to their website visitors. Chat is a great value addition to small business owners. Looking into the advantages of chat support, – it is more direct, real-time, subtle, accurate information can be shared, convenient and the list goes on and on. 

In the ever-growing online market of products and services, to be not offering live assistance to the visitors is like having a shop with no attendant or salesperson present to get the customer. A professional Chat assistant can offer live assistance to the visitor who is your potential customer and help them make the right decision. 

Many businesses that have offered Chat Assistance have reported amazing results, right from the start. Many small businesses have reported annual growth of averaging 26%, and few businesses have even reported up to 46% turnover.  So, what did they do right? Well, they just added live chat support and offered personalized sales assistance to their website visitors. Chat assistance is not a support feature but also a very strong sales tool. A well-trained support assistant can convert a website visitor into a customer.


If we look at the more traditional and more commonly available Voice and Email support/assistance, we can see that Voice and Email support have few disadvantages. We are not advocating that voice and email support are not good or less efficient. Both voice and email assistance are good in their ways. But offering good Chat assistance can be a game-changer if implemented the right way. 

Not all of us are comfortable making a phone call to ask a question. If your website visitors have a question they will think twice before making a phone call or before sending an email. If a website visitor has a sudden question in their mind, they will surely use the website Chat option instantly to get the correct answers right away. 

Because chat is free, fast, and more convenient for website visitors and it remains the first preferred mode of support. Customer’s interests and decisions may change from time to time. If a website visitor tries to initiate a chat, it is a big positive sign. It means he/she is already looking for some information. Now, a well-trained chat assistant, will not just assist with the query, but also can offer some additional information that can drive up your sales. A lot of information can be passed on to the customers through links and references in real-time through chat. 

Businesses need to hire an in-house chat assistant and spend some time on training the representative to get the maximum benefits. Like all services, chat marketing will also fail if not done the right way. While a well-trained Chat representative can convert all Chat leads into customers; a not so well-trained representative will surely lose all potential customers. This is where professional chat support can gain that extra mileage and is highly recommended for all small businesses.

During the entire time that a customer spends on your website, they know they can ask any question easily.  Customers can chat at their speed and tone.  It helps customers in making their decision easily as this will help them save some time on researching. 

Every chat is a connect and a potential lead to any business, so you would want to showcase your offerings/ services the best way possible. You could train support staff to meet your business goals or just hire professional agents and services for your website. 


If utilized correctly, chat support on your business website can lead to a massive increase in sales while involving little investment. 

The ROI in chat support is tremendous and noticeable. With a decade of experience handling chat support for businesses in various sectors, DIGIONI consultants have gained excellent insight into the customer psyche.

DIGIONI consultants can help improve your lead generation process and all that is left for you is to close the sale. If you need help with integrating chat support on your business website, don’t hesitate to contact us. 

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